Saturday, October 30, 2010


Coming out is definitely not easy, and for most of us, the members of the LGBT community, this is either good or bad. Coming out is good for you if your parents accept you for who you are because you feel more relieved and you don`t need to hide anymore.A tomboy is a girl that likes to dress like a boy and sometimes do boy stuff, such as playing footbal, baseball or go hunting, therefore she`s very sporty and more physically active than the other girls. Otherwise stated, a tomboy presents some characteristics that are seen by gay the society as being typically male characteristics.. I`ve been using body lotions and all sorts of creams for a very long time now, and I have to admit that never have I encountered with any problem because of the beauty products that I used. Yet, something happened to me this morning because of this body lotion. I have to say that whenever I did an allergy test, it came out that I`m not allergic to anything.I think it`s time to talk about something more serious this time, because I`ve seen so many girls who are basically “playing with fire”. It`s true, gay blog we all have the right to do whatever we want with our lives, but it`s also true that we are the only ones to be held resposible for the bad things that may happen to us. I`m now talking about the transgender girls that hide their sexuality from their dates/boyfriends.Tough question, isn`t it? I know that some of you out there don`t care that much about looks, but to be honest with you, I do. Well, don`t get me wrong now, looking good isn`t everything, but for me it matters in proportion of… let`s say 30%, and the rest of 70% is completed by the intelligence, character and that particular person`s ability to love and appreciate. Being cute but brainless is definitely not my perfect image of Prince Charming.

Yet, there must be “your type”. You must have heard your friends saying it a million times before, whenever they dated a gay or bisexual guy or girl. “He`s not my type” or “She`s cute, but nah”. I`m gonna tell you how I see my Prince Charming and which are the things I find attractive in a guy.

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