Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Infosys among world's 100 fastest growing company

IT bellwether Infosys Technologies, along with Internet major Google and software giant Apple, has been named among the world's 100 fastest growing companies by American publication Fortune.
The league of 100 is topped by Canada-based Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry phones.
The list also features Cognizant Technology Solutions, headed by India-origin Chief Executive Francisco D'Souza. Infosys is placed at the 100th place while Cognizant is ranked 90.Infosys, a world leader in consulting and information technology services, partners with Global 2000 companies to provide business consulting, systems integration, application development, and product engineering services. Through these services, Infosys enables its clients to fully exploit technology for business transformation. Clients take advantage of the Infosys Global Delivery Model to achieve higher quality, rapid time-to–market, and cost-effective solutions. Infosys has more than 49,000 employees in over 30 offices worldwide.

For the last few years, various groups within Infosys have relied extensively on the pivot tables in Microsoftо Office Excelо spreadsheet software to analyze data and produce reports. “Power users” with in-depth knowledge of Excel generated these reports. However, company growth resulted in a steep increase in the number of power users and the quantity and types of static, standalone reports. With the organization’s need for more insightful information, users found it cumbersome to create rich ad-hoc reports using existing techniques. The potential risks included longer lead times for decision making. The Information Systems (IS) group needed to provide adequate governance mechanisms and enhanced security while still meeting the analytical needs of all Infosys business units. Infosys needed an enterprise Business Intelligence solution.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Web hosting

The complex of webserver consists systems installed with Web server software and connected to the internet.These severs can be found in nay facility with internet connectivity.
The process of maintaining and operating one of these server is called webhosting.Web hosting can be conducted in house by the owner of website,or it can be outsourced to a web presence provider(wpp)
webhosting can be provided on a shared computer environment or on a dedicated computer system.When q website consists of standrrd HTML code and receives a small number of visitors,shared webhosting servuce is the best solution.When a web site consistes of complex gateway interface(CGI)
scripts and proprietary programes and receives a large number of visitors,dedicated hosting service is the best solution.

webhosting system is the simplest and most straight forward method of operating a web site,because the computer system contains only the web site,The configuration of software is standardized ,as outlined in the software-installation documentation.furthermore,system resources are dedicated to only one
web site and,therfore,are not constrained by any other process not associated with the operations of that site.You have a web site design and now your problem is making it available to your visitors - the solution is a hosting service to meet your needs.None of this needs to be complicated. While there are an uncountable number of web hosting companies, not all have the solution for If you are planning to launch a new website or blog, a good web hosting.You may regard may include the amount of web space, bandwidth, and your budget.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Robert Pattinson

British actor Robert Pattinson, who stars in Twilight, has been voted the sexiest man, beating heavyweight actors Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.British magazine Glamour selected him as a sexiest man The 0poll conducted by magazine asked 2,000 British women to list the man they found most attractive. Becoming vampire Edward in ‘Twilight’ has led Robert to some interesting run-ins with fans who have crushes on him.

Other British men to make the top 10 in the poll include football star David Beckham and Irish actor Colin Firth.

Glamour magazine’s Sexiest Man In The World 2009:

1) Robert Pattinson
2) Johnny Depp
3) Hugh Jackman
4) David Beckham
5) Brad Pitt
6) Zac Efron
7) George Clooney
8) Chace Crawford
9) Justin Timberlake
10) Colin Firth

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tips to learn Java easy way

Why we can not declare constructor as final?

The keyword final when dealing with methods means the method cannot be overridden. Because constructors are never inherited and so will never have the opportunity to be overridden, final would have no meaning to a constructor.

What’s the difference between AWT and Swing?

There are no big architectural differences; the class hierarchy is almost the same. The reason is that Swing is built upon AWT. The most significant difference is how the components are drawn to the screen. AWT is so called heavyweight components and have their own viewport which sends the output to the screen. Swing is lightweight components and does not write itself to the screen, but redirect it to the component it builds on. Heavyweight components also have their own z-ordering. This is the reason why you can't combine AWT and Swing in the same container. If you do, AWT will always be drawn on top of the Swing components. You can combine AWT and Swing, just don't do it in the same container (e.g. panel, groupbox, etc.) and don't put a heavyweight component inside a lightweight. Another difference is that Swing is pure Java, and therefore platform independent. Swing looks identically on all platforms, while AWT looks different on different platforms.

Difference between Java beans and EJB?

Javabeans are much smaller than EJBs. You can use Javabeans to assemble larger components or to build entire applications. Javabeans, however are development components and are not deployable components. You typically do not deploy a Javabean rather, Javabeans help you construct larger software that is deployable. And because they cannot be deployed, Javabeans do not need to live in a runtime environment. Since Javabeans are just java classes they do not need an application server to instantiate them, to destroy them, and to provide other services to them. The application itself is made up of Javabeans.

Is it possible to change delays that affect appearing, keeping and disappearing of tooltip?

The ToolTipManager is a service class that maintains a shared instance registered with AppContext. We can access the ToolTipManager directly by calling its static sharedInstance() method:
ToolTipManager toolTipManager = ToolTipManager.sharedInstance();

Internally this class uses three non-repeating Timers with delay times defaulting to 750, 500, and 4000. ToolTipManager uses these Timer’s in coordination with mouse listeners to determine if and when to display a JToolTip with a component’s specified tooltip text. When the mouse enters a components bounds ToolTipManager will detect this and wait 750ms until displaying a JToolTip for that component. This is referred to as the initial delay time.

A JToolTip will stay visible for 4000ms or until we move the mouse outside of that component’s bounds, whichever comes first. This is referred to as the dismiss delay time. The 500ms Timer represents the reshow delay time which specifies how soon the JToolTip we have just seen will appear again when this component is re-entered.

Each of these delay times can be set using ToolTipManager’s setDismissDelay(), setInitialDelay(), and setReshowDelay() methods.

ToolTipManager is a very nice service to have implemented for us, but it does have significant limitations. When we construct our polygonal buttons we will find that it is not robust enough to support non-rectangular components.

Is it possible to stop an object from being created during construction?

Yes, if the constructor throws an exception. Formally, an object will be created (since the constructor is a method invoked after the actual method creation), but nothing useful will be returned to the program, and the dead object will be later reclaimed by Garbage Collector.

The other way is when you leave calls to the constructor to a static factory method which can check the parameters and return null when needed.

Note that a constructor - or any method in general - throwing an exception will not "return null", but will leave the "assign target" as it was.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

West indies cricket board

West Indies Cricket Board has decided to stick with their Weekend side for the One day International against Bangladesh. This decision has been taken by the West Indian cricket board despite of the leading players ending their Boycott. West Indies lost the test series against Bangladesh recently due to the inexperienced players. Leading players like Gayle,Chanderpaul and Dwayne bravo have had problems with the board regarding contract and payment basis.

At this stage despite the leading players ending thier Boycott the WICB has taken this decision to carry on with their weakened side. Gayle said’ that they were not picked up for the first two games this sums up the situation they also said 'they are playing the hard ball’. The team continues to be captained by the 36 year old batsmen Floyd reifer with Darren Sammy has the deputy.

Doubt -B

With much symbolic wringing of his hands, writer-director John Patrick Shanley fussily brings his previously Pulitzer Prize-winning stage play Doubt to the screen—and yet the ironic thing is, the transition itself brings about much of the titular emotion. Sure, the central quartet of Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis seem qualified enough—but in the opening thirty minutes Streep, that grand dame of accents and method sublimation of self into character, gives a performance of such sheer overheated nonsense (with speech inflections and physical tics that border on rococo) that she threatens to leave the audience laughing, instead of pondering, at the pile of melodramatic entanglements at St. Nicholas’ Catholic School.

Luckily her performance slows and blossoms, minute by minute, into something far more recognizable as derived from quality instead of Quaaludes, and as it softens and comes into focus, so inversely does the narrative—hardening, sharpening, itself. It goes like this: Streep, as Sister Aloysius, suspects her only black student (Joseph Foster II) of having been advanced on inappropriately by Father Flynn (played by Hoffman with a disarming vulnerability); her suspicions are strengthened by the opinions of Sister James (Adams, who is the only of the main four to truly hit the film’s rhythm of comedy and naturalism smothered by an overarching Gothic tragedy). So she launches a campaign to reveal and remove the priest. At one point her quest takes her into contact with the young boy’s mother (who is inhabited by Davis with a force of conviction that lends her every subversive line an extra twist of spiteful, saddening, regret) and their scene together brings the film crackling to life.

Yet here’s the thing: Doubt is an artful enough experiment in unsettling and disturbing an audience’s sympathies and points-of-view—it plants seeds of uncertainty and unease with a literate grace (as with Father Flynn’s beautiful opening sermon). However Shanley is by no means a confident director (his camera stubbornly pulls the viewer’s eye to the most obvious of symbols and visual allegories with a ham-fisted redundancy), and on the whole he elicits merely adequate performances from his A-list cast. Thematically, the film (as the play before it) is concerned chiefly with an atmosphere of hushed paranoia that creeps, with subtlety and much justification, into the mind of the viewer until Doubt itself prevails everywhere. But there is much too much drama—loud, obvious, persistent, emotional—in this drama for that to take place. The movie unsettles, but that emotional integrity comes at the cost of elegant presentation.

“In Ancient Sparta, important matters were decided by who could shout the loudest. Luckily, we are not in Ancient Sparta,” Sister Aloysius says, half-way through. Coming away from the closing-credits, though, Meryl, I wouldn’t be so sure.

Furniture home

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Earn attractive from stocks

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Millions of Indians across India have learnt to live with power shortages day in and day out. But there's something they still don't realize.

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You see, India is and has always been short of power supply. Power cuts have been a part and parcel of people's lives. And now, factors like growth in household and commercial consumption, electrification of rural areas and manufacturing growing faster are aggravating the problem even further.

According to a report, India's demand for power will soar to a whopping 315,000 MW by 2017 - more than double the current installed capacity.

Meeting this demand will require a huge investment...which means this is a great opportunity for you to make money.

Yes! A lot of money is going to be spent in this sector in the coming years.

To begin with, a spending of a couple hundred billion dollars has been proposed to improve the infrastructure in the power sector, in areas ranging from setting up power plants to delivering this power to the people properly.

There are only a handful of companies that are big enough to take on this kind of work and benefit directly from the increase in spending.

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