Wednesday, November 5, 2008

parttime jobs - highprofiled ones

,We are looking for freelancers who can work with us. Exciting salary with allowances. Good fun and great exposure!!! These are the basic eligibilities we are looking at
> Age between 21 to 26
> Good Communication Skills
> Professionalism
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Sunday, November 2, 2008


The game far cry 2 with its unique AFRICAN jungle setting,amazing graphics,seven different
vehicles to pilot tons of different weapons and realistics looking bushes in a top-notch shooter game.

coming to the story line,caught between two rival factions in war-torn africa,you are sent
to take out,"The jackal"a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the
war lords,jeopardizling thousands of lives.

choose from a wide range of weapons to make your way to your primary the fight head-on with your machine-gun.go berserk with your machete or make stealth kills as a sniper,this first person shooter offers the best game play experience.


The mozart of india A.R rahman was his usual composed self at launch of a new reality TV shows
the BIG BRAND in the capital.The veteran music director's last hindu venture jaane tu was a
huge hit this year and with next movie album yuvaraj released ,RAHMAN lovers are in for a treat,
RAHMAN says he is looking forward to judging young rock prodigies in the shows by the record label,PHAT PHISH

ROCK musician in india are scared to admit they are rockers.They feel it is against our orthodox culture to be playing rock music.They have to shun such an attitude and say they are indian rocker representing the country on the global rock podium

Friday, October 24, 2008


An inadequate or reduced intake of vegetables and fruits could precipirate chronic diseases
such as heart ailment and cannot call yourself as a vegeterian in the true sense if your diet revolves around dal,rice,curd khadi,potatoes,puri-chole,idlis,dosas,pickles,parathas and perhaps a whole range of veg convenience or fast food which come with oil laden,overcooked and mashed vegetables.

its succulent green leaves emit health,spinach is rich in chlorophyll,cartotenoids,foilates,trace minerals and display blood building properties because the structure of chlorophyll simulates hemoglobin.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dresses are in fashion in a big way .And it's not only the flirty,flowy dresses,but the slight formal,smart yet feminine and elegant shirt dresses that have become a wardbore essential for every fashionnista worth her salt."shirt dresses are available in different varities and you can experiment according to your style and comfort level.


with the recent series of bomb blast in different parts in india,the frequent roads accidents
and other emergencies,people are looking for means of a proper response that can lend them a helping hand in times of emergency.While 100 and 101 are the most frequently used emergency numbers for police and ambulance respectively.EMERGENCY MANAGMENT AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE (EMRI)has come up with a new initiative to have a common number-108 that takes care of all emergency conditions.this facility is already available in andhra pradesh and gujarat and it recently announdec in tamilnadu..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


who said men should stay away from kitchen super dad and husbands are hit with the family as they cook with extra love.The first scene of chity chity bang bang bang where the dad makes breakfast for the kids,was one that everyone enjoyed.

But What we found as an amusing and touching moment from a movie is becoming much of a reality now with fathers today all too happy to enter the kitchen.These dads might not be great cooks,in fact they may be absoluetly disastrous in the kitchen,but one thing is for sure,they are breaking myths involving men and their aversion to kitchen.And of course,kids love it too.


Imagine the possibility of looseing yourself completely at great heights.Free running an emerging
urban sport,which grew out of attempts to imitate ninja feats first,started in the southern suburbs of paris.Free running is actually a physical art,in which participents called "FREE RUNNERS".use the urban and rural areas to perform movement through its structures focused on "FREEDOM and BEAUTY".

The sport in which participants perform balletic leaps and flips using walls,bars and other street
furniture is however in infancy in india.And this is not an understatment .free running uses gymnastic skills to find alarming new ways of navigating the urban is the free -runners fondness for catapulating at dangerous heights.While i'm definetly
not at par with international free runners.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The wolf awarness week..

The wolf has been the subject countless movies,legends and horror stories,but in reality
there is more to the wolf than just a dog with fangs.This wolf awareness takes a closer look
at an animal that's fascinated mankind for so long.

There are two recognised speices of wolves in the animal kingdom-The grey wolf and the red wolf.out of the two ,The grey wolf is the most commonly depicted and the most well known.Living in the northen america and eurasia
the wolf is not solitary animal.

It lives and hunts in packts.A packts of wolves normally consists of two adults and their offspring of the last two or three years.AS a result,The size of the pack is never fixed and ranges anywhere between six t0 30.

Wolves in the wild have an average life span of six to eight years,although some have been
known to live up to the age of 12-13 years as well.normally,these wolves die of starvation or fights with other wolves, though human- caused deaths are gradually increaseing too..

Monday, October 20, 2008


At a time when students are in need of that extra attention apart from their school education ,which employs a single teacher for a hundred heads,live online interactive classes might come as a relief to the parents."TEACHERS FOR YOU ONLINE" is the next step in the future education that aims to make available quality education through the world wide web and is the first of its kind in india.The initiative was launched in india in collaboration with the american company.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Portal is the latest offering from the developers of half-life 2,the eponymous title,which introduced gamers to innovative features like the gravity gun.In portal ,the gun takes on different avatar.The player use to play portal guns to solve the puzzles.which involves teleporting oneself from point A to point B.and overcoming obstacles like walls and turrets,the computer-controlled player named GLADOS,has to be beaten order to get the cake.

Portal is graphically stunning game.From shiny turret guns to glossy little radio clocks,The attention to detail is outstanding.The artificial intelligence does not dis-appoinment despite its straightforward approach.The turret gun,being a stationary entity can only shoot when the player is within its line of sight,which makes the games play predictive and boring at some points.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


IN TODAY'S TIMES WE LIVE IN A SERVICE ORIENTED "commuter SOCIETY".we hear of traffic jams even in remote rural areas/cities like pune,nagpur,indore,jamshedpure and kolhapur are example cities where traffic has increased by leaps and bounds.

Flouting the basic rules of driving like not wearing seat belt,talking on cell phones and munching on food also causes a great deal of stress.Another factor that leads to stress while driving is the pathetic state of roads.The roads cannot withstand the amount of traffic load ad the extreme weather are the some of the usefull tips to make quiet useful to beat stress while driving.

BREATHING:Breathing exercise can help you cleanse your body of stagnet air and stale energy:oxygenating your blood and releasing tension.
LISTEN:listen to music or audio books,music can sibtly color by adding an exciting soundtrack to your commute.
RELAX:practice progressive muscle(PMR)and deep muscle relaxation(DMR).when you frustrated,you store the tension in your body.These teach niques will help you earn to quickly release the tension you are carrying.
PLAN: manage your time wisely,often,when we're frustrated on the's because we're in a hurry and can't get there quickly enough bacause of traffic

Monday, October 13, 2008


Call it an in -your-face way of promoting the music of a band you like or an inexpenive rock bands in chennai seem to have found a messianic sprit of sorts in their loyal fans.plagued bya lack of venues to perform and the absence of enthusiastic promoters ,several bands in chennai have sought help form their fans in order to propogate their glory,by hook or crook via "BOOTLEGGING".

The concept involves fans walking into a rock concert to video or audio tape proceedings and
disturbing it to the world via file and video sharing fact,such recording have gone on to boost the fan base of such bands by showcasing their perfomence to a world wide audience,and that too FOR FREE.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


ON the occasion of world Deaf awareness week,doctor say that it is the youngsters and BPO employees who faces the biggest threat

In the past,it was older people who suffered from ear problem.Today,they have spread to youngsters and employees of BPO industries because of the continuous use of MOBILE PHONES and HEAD PHONES .It has became a common occupational hazard,as there is no control over sound.

There is an increase number of youngsters seeking treatment .some are college-goers,while other are BPO employees .Due to this constant exposure to head phones ,ears become sensitive.THEN
even a small noise is very hard to tolerate for them.There is not specific drug for this treatment ,but the effects can be minimised by taking precaution .When they are constantly exposed 80 to 90 decibels sound level,hearing get affected

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Does your boss play second fiddle to whatever you say and you are being proud of being one of the most sought after ones in the office?Being in such comfort zone may not always be good

  • THE GOOD: The prospect for growth are never have a dedicated mentor,who will guide you at every step,and help you land plum assignments,you will get instant visibility ,and will get good recommendation even if you shift jobs.
  • THE BAD:When there is something bad as well.When you are the chief's favourite he/she does get a little possessive about you and wants to guide you at every will not get any space or room for creativity or do things on your own.Another possibilities is that he/she will get extra dependent on you,and you will find its difficult to quit your job.
  • THE UGLY:Being the boss's darling might make you the most hated person in the office .colleagues will be jealous of you because you get all the good breaks and recommendation.if your boss and you are from the opposite sex,rumours of your social relationship will do the rounds

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Weather you are preparing for your exams or are done with them,getting worried about the poor performance never helps.Though little bit of stress acts as a motivation booster and pushes you to study better ,large doses of the same can leave you incapabale of concentrating on your studies.
The best way to combat tension thinking about the worst that could happen and accepting it.The next step is doing whatever you can avoid that situation
So when you discover that you just can't study chemistry and feel that you are going to fail in that subject,you are's not the end of the world.By not worrying ,at least save energy for your other subjects ,which might get affected because of your tension

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A parent's illness usually ends up shattering the family's foundations."it's a confusing time for matter how old are they are.A time like this can be painful for everyone ,but if you know what to expect and steel yourself to the situation ,you can get by this time with the mess.Try and look at it from your partner's point of view.with one partner ill.the other the other will be focusing on managing both the professional and/or the personal front.The sick parent is devoting his or her energies to get better.
Emotions like anger,fear and depression may often be rampant,and you might find yourself caught up in the cesspool.It's obvious that when the family momentum is thrown out of will be expected to deal with the things that you probably were never accustomed to dealing with in the first place.and doing those chores or errands and dealing with the pressure like this can have an effect on you too


Monday, October 6, 2008


Mobile users have moved on from caller tune to humourous ,full fledged movie dialogues.Forgot about the boring caller tune comprising the same drab songs that are playing on every one phone.
people who call you on your cell phone from now on could listen to everything from funny filmy dialogues to customised voice messages that could confuse the living daylights out of the theme,while they patiently wait for you to pick up the cell.several youngsters and even working professionals in the city have now taken to such caller tunes,which are a literal laugh riot


It seems hotels and pubs in chennai have adopted alternatives to come to terms with ban on smoking in public places which will go into effect from day before yesterday.Rooftops,terrace ,parking lots and basements have emerged as potential candidates for the so -called "designated areas "that smokers will head to.if they feel the urge to light up.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


He was shy,he had difficulties in school,he stole from his brother,he got married at age 12
and many years later he saved our nation. This hardly the known words from Gandhiji,as we celebrate his birthday today .MAHATMA GANDHIJI IS STILL LOOKED UPON A INSPIRATION.He certainly was larger than life but for him to be an example to us,it is important to see him as a human being,who over came his obstacles.
we need to understand him first,if people follow him without understanding they do not Identify with him.In an attempt to copy what he done,it turns ritualistic.ghandhi says HUMANITY IS LIKE AN OCEAN .IF A FEW DROPS OF THE OCEAN IS DIRTY.IT'S NOT GOING TO BE AFFECT THE WHOLE OCEAN..
lets pray for his birthday


Hosting a dinner for friends or going over to a friend's place for a party is hardly a formal occasion.It is comfortable company and the atmosphere is more relaxed yet,some rules of etiquette apply .As a host/hostess one needs to follow certain guidelines which will help in maintaining and strengthening the bond of friendship.
  1. Discuss with your friends the date and time of the party keeping in mind their availability and convenience.
  2. Extend your invitations ,naming all the people you wish to invite.Even if you take their presence for granted .you must invite them personally.
  3. If friends offer to help,you may delegate responsibilities.
  4. During the party introduce them to the newer guests.
  5. Never act too familiar or criticise them in the company of newer guests.
  6. Do not speak about their personal issues or problems at the party.
  7. do Thank them and see them off with courtesy.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Inheritance in family is quiet popular however,the same is now getting popular among various colleges as well,where seniors are passing down their belongings to their juniors .FROM air -coolers to memory chip and many of the college hostels,juniors have been inheriting these kind of items from their seniors for many generations now.
One of my friend who was a hosteler ,who is in first year,hardly spoke to seniors .when he shifted to second year.he shifted his room to another block,that was a vacant room before his senior stayed in his room.and the wonderful thing that he left a MP3 player in his room.he was wonder by seeing and asked his friends..They told that his senior was inherited to him who also stayed in the same room.He was little bit surprised ,later he came to know that the concept was passing all over their room.That seems to be a great relationship after the college ..

Monday, September 29, 2008


They look great with any outfit and give your boring dresses a Trendy look.The elegant ones male you look like a million bucks and the casual earnings can add to your personality.infact,today most of the youngsters are crazy about earnings.They will go for droplets or drop earning .some will go for gun shot..Droplets or drop earning never fail to catch your eye and always in sync with the latest fashion..
The one what am using as signature earning.that are both elegant and stylish...


Japan's Matsushita said it would launch the world's smallest digital single-lens reflex(SLR)camera.
targeting female user who want a high -performance machine that does not weight too much.SLR cameras high-end models with interchangeable lens,are the fastest growing and most lucrative segment of the digital camera market


It is the most comprehensive of all musical forms and as a science it has defined principles.The greatest quality of the music is its adaptability through inspiration that has been the hall mark of this tradition.There is also scope for the musician to harness his musical abilities to become a performer.The scope is tremendous and that is the reason it transcends generations and appeals to all.Music is the food for my soul


Hey friends i like to share about my dressing style and the meaning of their dress what we wearing is very important..lets go..
    The classic white shirt has even the women raiding men's closets.A classic white shirt form a big brand is must.
    If you want to be in sync with international fashion the upcoming season checks and stripes are imperative.
    India's answer to the shirt.The kurti-shirt is perfect for outdoor wear.Go for some embroidery around the yoke and team if with denims.
    Clubbing is an important part of a man's regime.And one simply cannot their office to the club.A sensuous chic -shirt,well shaped and worm un-tucked with rolled up sleeves is perfect


I get a glimpse of the Helmet clad,the helmet-hung-on-side types,the more 'don't care' non-helmeted ones ,all on their "mission of life".The city's two wheeler have a unique double personality weather on a small road or a high way,they think wrong is right and forge ahead,against traffic ,or even on pavements .They want zip and zoom from anywhere.As if they are not phenomenon by themselves.Chennai bikers have bands and groups and organized racing on busy roads.
The pillion riders are a class in themselves.Bikers seems to be born to dodge and defy-traffic rules,speed breakers and humanity.Chennai it seems has the highest number of two-wheelers in india.caught in peak traffic jam.


hey folks i starting this second blog..thou,we can share many thing like in same old i wish u guys do visit every day if possible.. and do have a buzz over me...thank you