Monday, March 30, 2009

Being a parent pet

A parent's illness usually ends up shattering the family's foundations."it's a confusing time for matter how old are they are.A time like this can be painful for everyone ,but if you know what to expect and steel yourself to the situation ,you can get by this time with the mess.Try and look at it from your partner's point of view.with one partner ill.the other the other will be focusing on managing both the professional and/or the personal front.The sick parent is devoting his or her energies to get better.
Emotions like anger,fear and depression may often be rampant,and you might find yourself caught up in the cesspool.It's obvious that when the family momentum is thrown out of will be expected to deal with the things that you probably were never accustomed to dealing with in the first place.and doing those chores or errands and dealing with the pressure like this can have an effect on you too


Macho man ???

Breaking the external myth that the male species loves being perceived as attractivesexually active or lady killers,findings based on an international study recently revealedthat most men want respect ,a harmonious family life and good relationships with their partner.Interestingly,"THE MACHO MAN" tag is no longer macho. men today know that they've got to be original,I feel that the best thing to be is "real"If you're macho,it willshow.if you're sensitive,it will show as well.Trying to look honourableand caring won't work for long if you're not that kind.
Sterreotypes are no longer applicable in today's world.Times have changed ,initally there was a notionthat men should be strong to physicaly protect women.But the ideology doesn't apply to the women of today,whodon't need protective men as physical comforts.Both sex are looking for deeper aspects of a long term relation.WOmen today are smart well educated .They want to be in stable relationship rather than being with men who aremerely lady killers.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My first show time

Hey friends i like to share about my dressing style and the meaning of their dress what we wearing is very important..lets go..
The classic white shirt has even the women raiding men's closets.A classic white shirt form a big brand is must.CHECK-MATE:
If you want to be in sync with international fashion the upcoming season checks and stripes are imperative.THE KURTI SHIRT:
India's answer to the shirt.The kurti-shirt is perfect for outdoor wear.Go for some embroidery around the yoke and team if with denims.THE DISCO SHIRT:
Clubbing is an important part of a man's regime.And one simply cannot their office to the club.A sensuous chic -shirt,well shaped and worm un-tucked with rolled up sleeves is perfect

Pug's are real pet

After having done a series of commercials with the telecom giant vodafone,The pugs seem to have been welcomed by with open arms by the indian audience.Their popularity can be gauged with the demand for the animal.In the last few months,There has been a drastic rise in the sale of the animal.
The pug is a toy dog breed with a wrinkly face and a small body.The breed is often summarised as "much in little,"Though word PUGG which means "PLAYFUL LITTLE DEVIL OR MONKEY",and a puppies of this breed are often called PUGLETS.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The problem behind divorce

Boys and gals have enjoy in their teen age.They wont worry about their future.when they are
young ,successful having fun a marriage feel can wait .They busy climbing the ladders on their
achievement.They hardly think about their them self.most young professional like put off the thought of "SETTLING DOWN"who have hit their 30s don't seems to be hurry on their marriage life and this not a healthy trend.

more than 70% percent of the divorce case are ending like late marriage.The reason is simple the older are you.the more difficult it gets for you to adjust.people may think that they were happy to be a bachelor They don't want to committed relationship as it brings lo of extra baggage

youngsters today know what they want.With their high confidence levels and financial independence they are in no mood of compromise on nay front.once they cross a certain age ,they enter marriage with a preconceived mindset,making things all difficult.

couples today who opt for a divorce know they have options else where ,which is why effort to save the marriage is also missing The right age to get hitched is 25-26 to ensure more compatibility

Employees getting fired by using social sites

Working in IT industry is one of the biggest head ace.But we don't know we will get fired for UN-known reason. usually things happen like coming late to office ,bad work and having a bad names of lazy performance. These are the constant reason ,but employees getting check out of the job for using social network like orkut,face book and flixter's these became a very unfair issue for the employees.

The line between the business life and personal is blurring fast .A grow number of IT companies expect employees to represent their companies as a brand ambassadors and not just a mere employees The employees feel that it is a free world and the companies should not curb the freedom people talk about the government,politician etc..all the time on such sites ,that doesn't
mean the government throws them out of the country or a politician take action against them.

firing the employees is an extreme step but we feel that while employees sign to follow
certain norms with companies legally,more than the legalities they are morally indebted
to the company ,so they should watch out as to what they speak about the company in public,so
there is no room for any loose-talk outside

Monday, March 23, 2009

My bowling perfomence

Todays match was one of my best bowling performances in my cricket career.Till today my best was 4ov 2m 5 for 3,and today it was my best of all and most satisfactory spell ever.My bowling stats were 3ov 3 for 1.I am so happy and want to perform ever like this.Thanks for my team mates and captain arun for encouraging me so much and making me achieve this.The most disappointing moment was i dropped a catch.Today again i ve a match hoping to perform the same again

My college days rocks

Four years ago college life were the most amazing day of my life.we have join college after's rocking to be in the most amazing phase of your life for an extended period.I did my bachelor of computer science.

I used to far away from the studious group.I believed in enjoying college life to the fullest .so i always looking for ways to have fun and play pranks.I was always caught bunking classed.In college every one get infatuated.even i got a filthy crush on some gals from my batch.Though i never proposed to any of give students an opportunity to live life as they want to.Even youngsters should enjoy it to the fullest.studies are equally important .But if one is regular with lessons,you can do well academically also


The more electricity we use,the more power plants we will need and if we have to build more electricity plants it will mean using up lots more resources and possibly destroying forests or rivers.ultimately saving power will end up saving the environment here's how we can help!!!!

In the summer and winter our electricity bills are huge because we use air conditioners ,heaters,fans and the likes.So,see that your air conditioner or heater is not turned up too high.Try not to use either your heater or your air conditioner all day.use a fan when ever is possible.
check the rubber seals on your refrigerator door.put a ten or twenty rupee note between the door and then close it .If the rupee slides down the seal is not right.don't have all your house lights on.only put on the lights in the area in which your are sittingturn off lights every time you leave a wise turn off your kitchen or other gadgets when they are not in use.turn of your computer if your are going to be away for a long period.use curtains and shades on your window,to keep the heat during the winter.have a hair dyer??use it sparingly and don't use the maximum heat setting

Microsoft mouse family

It is a sign of the times that when we search WIKIPEDIA ,the encyclopedia of the web,for the term "MOUSE",the first definition that pops up says it is " a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface.The other "MOUSE" a member of the rodent family pops up much lower in a GOOGLE search.Even more revealing ,the plural of mouse(computer)is "mouse device" or even "mouses" and only rarerly mice.

one could appreciate why last week when microsoft,a company was associated mostly with Pc software rather than hardware,unveiled an entire family of mice-hehehe sorry mouse device.that available soon in india.

The king of the pack,so to speak,is the arc combines the functionality of a desktop as well as a portable mouse.when you travel you can fold down the arc to 60 per cent of its size and use the shrunken version with a notebook pc

The sidewinder X5 is a special mouse for gaming has two additional customisable buttons on the side and we can set the sensitivity to 400,800,2000 dots per inch on this "FAST AND FURIOUS"mouse.the explorer mini mouse has special BLUE tracker technology which allows you to roll it over any kind of surface,a marble floor great for mobile workers.

eye cream

Eye is the major part of the body.If we cant see any thing that will be a great problem for us.Many corporate people will work day and night process they have the problem of seeing a minute particle.if there any problem in some sort of the proces we can able to manage ,but if the same problem arise in the eye it may be very difficult.eyes are water due to sensitivity to light, wind, or temperature changes.
sometimes,the thing arises when i was browsing,often i have work in computer,if i sat in morning i don't have time in the middle i will get out of the place only by evening later again i have the time to often i get some problem in my eye's but for that i don't wan to use the lenses and glasses.I need a some eyecream for that,for that when i browsed i have seen best eye cream website,that helps to reduce the eye pain which made you very trouble.This Website offers you a complete database about the best products in the shops which are very useful and do not have any side effect.They offers many diffrent types of eyecreams,and all are damn cheap tp buy.. so do not purchase any inferior quality products and infect your skin. Just have a look at this Website and know how to choose the best products.Mnay people will go for some local barnd eyecream thatdon't help tp remove their pain,but it make more pain on them.So this material helps will made very easy to releave pain from ur eye's Don’t use any other best eye cream and spoil your eye. It is very safety to use. If you visit the you will know about the cost, features, advantages, uses etc So what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Thank you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A good heart

An analysis of 50 studies that include almost 2,000 volunteers found that anger -management programs can help people control their outburst .A positive behaviour in day-to-day life helps in keeping your heart healthy.Other studies have demonstrated that improvements like these translate into lower blood pressure and better blood flow to the heart during exercise and stress.

Experts believe that reducing the level of stress might help in prevention of heart attacks.When you are angry or tense the stress hormones raises the heart beat,which in turn increases the oxygen demand and if a person gets an attack ,it might harm the heart..


PHYSICAL EXERCISE:Aerobic exercise decreases stress and control depressionBEHAVIOURAL CHANGES:change your behaviour and modify yourself.Set realistic goals and do not panic if things are not done.HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: live a more healthy and disciplined life.don't rely on drugs,alcohol and nicotine for solving your problems.Wake up early and sleep on time.Spend time doing things ,which make you happy.BE HAPPY TO KEEP YOUR HEART HEALTHY

Dating in old school way

Every woman loves to think herself as a 21st century girl.Today's woman are fearless and independent,and they don't mind letting the world know.there's still,however, a huge part in every woman that wants an old-fashioned,stand-up man who can take care of every's important to know muchwhich rules you can resurrect from ye old dating certainly don't want to insist that she has a chaperone or disrespect her by asking her parent's permission before taking
her out.

This is true blast from the past,and an integral element to old-fashion dating.
you need to roll up in front of her house or apartment,get out og your car,knock her door
,and walk her to the car(don't forgot to open the car door for her too)

This is the chance to get to know somebody you think is special and you want to show your best side.The first element to this is dressing the don't need to wear a tux,just be sure you're dressed well.she'll definietly appreciate the effort.

This may be one hardest old-fashioned dating method.don't be lame.Giving her your
jacket must be a smooth transition.The key is not asking if she'd like to wear it.If you do,She
will likely be too embrrassed,shy or proud to accept.if u notice her shivering or if she mentions
the cool night.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


if you get a kick out of intrigue detectives as they unravel clues and solve difficultmurders and robberies ,then you would be disappointed with the televison industry.
Apart from stray serial like CID,channels for a long time now have not come up with anytime to cater to such audience.decades ago soaps like karmchand,techqiqat and byomkesh Bakshi managed to keep an entire nation glued to their TV sets.But today family dramas and reality shows have taken their place. TV industry has become like Bollywood channels only make shows that they feel will sell and generate good TRPs.Thrillers can be popular today if the packaging is good

Merit Trac

Everyone likes to have a good laugh-your blood pressure exercised,your blood stream gets more oxygen and happy hormones like endorphins are released in your blood stream.This leads to overall good health.This rule applies in the office as well.

Research confirms that humour in the workplace increase job satisfaction and faster career growth- under circumstance, an employee attends the office ,not just for earning a living,but Because he/she enjoys the job. according to me "Humour is good not only essential in every day life,but also in work place. it enhance creativity,leads to better communication and also built trust among co-workers when the work atmosphere is light,productivity is enhanced and the company also benifits. moral of the employees is enhanced and the employees are happy.There is less attrition and people look forward to coming to office every day.

Drunken E-Mailing catches by google

Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes over the last couple of weeks trolling technology blogs or cocktail lounges has probably heard about the mail google's GMAIL program that is intended to help stamp out a scourage that few knew existed:DRUNKEN E-MAILING

The experimental program requires any user who enables the function to perform five simple math problem in 60 seconds before sending e-mails between 10 pm and 4 am on weekends .That time frame apparently corresponds to the gap between cocktail NO.1 and cocktail NO.4 when tapping out an E-MAIL messag can seem like the equivalent of bungee jumping without a chord.

MAIL GOOGLE is not the first case of technology developed to keep people from endangering themselves or others with the machinery of daily lief after they have had a few.For years,judge have ordered drunken-driving of fenders to install computerised breath-analysers linked to their car's ignition system to prevent them from starting the vehicle when intoxicated

In interviews with people who confessed to imbibing and typing the same time ,sometimes with regrettable consequences the answer seems to be yes.

Taking notes will be usefull in someways

How many times have u wished the Teacher would speak a bit slower so that you could write down what she or he was saying ?? you often find that u missing a important points when you are rushing to copy down just what teacher is explaining??..If this is case,you may want to consider using abbreviations when you are writing notes.

The important feature in using abbreviations is that at the end of the day,When you open your note book,you should understand what you have written.ABBREVIATING words doesn't mean that you write every word in its abridged form,It merely means that abbreviations should be carried out in proper way.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What constitutes "being there for a friend?.Does it mean you show up every time you make plans to watch a movie?or is it more than that?if you call someone your best friend,it has to be with more meaning.

It is easy for us to mistake their real friends from the ones who are using them.They could be getting a sense of comfort from one who is actually fulfilling only monetary needs and not the emotional ones.There is no guarantee that such friend will help them out in difficult situations .

if you feel like you have s similar group of friends ,it's important to use better judgement .You always have a parent,sibling ,older friend or teacher to talk to so ask them what they think.Only you will know what's best for you so act accordingly.

Sun glasses for youngsters

From their aesthetic incarnations on the red carpets .to their functional counterparts found perched on the noses of outdoors people on the noses of outdoors and sportsmen and women everywhere ,sunglass are a major part of both fashion and athletic industries .Shopping for sunglass can therefore be both a confusing and expensive proposition ,so we have some tips to make you a smarter sunglasses shopper .Finding the right pair of sunglass is never as easy task everything matters.

When it comes to picking your preferred sunglass,along with the look remember they are also a significant part of our clothing needs.first off,its good idea to consider your budget .Some designer sin glasses can reach up to some thousands and more,while others fall under few hundreds.This is important because you must see the feel the look and fit on your own face.While looking good at the same time is by getting a pair at a stand where they sell designer replicas.

Think about weather the latest trend flatters your face shape or if a more classical style is better for you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Be happy and make other's happy

If you ever saw a movie called patch adams you would know that it is the true story of a doctor who decides to use humour to help his patients.yes,research has now proved that laughter can be a great healer,not only does it spread happiness,but it also relives BRAZIL,there are members of a group called the GROUP OF FROLIC who visits hospitals to cheer patients.Doctors agree that this greatly helps the inmates founded about three years ago the group has people of all ages and people from all walks of life including young students.

in these days of stress and strain we all need to laugh,so why not form your own laughter
group in school or college?may be you could actually do somework in helping those who are depressed ,in painor less fortunate than you.get your friends together and give it a go.!

Browsing on the right sites

The advent of the internet has made studying and researching project and assignments far easier than if ever used to can find information on anything on the internet.But be warned -the information that is posted online can be written by anyone.

This is not to say that you shouldn't ever use the internet when it comes to working for projects or assignments ,but the key word here is-reliable sources .once you know that your information is coming from a sources, that is both known and can use it for your work with out a qualm. But this isn't as easy as it sounds -after all,if anyone can post information online.

First of all,you need to know exactly what you are looking for.This may entail a little hard work but even if you have to sit in the library for tow hours to deepen your knowledge of the subject,do so-it will help you understand your topic better.More importantly still,if you come across information that is incorrect or littered with the bloopers youill avoid it.

A responsible site/author will not let their presentation let them down.In the end,you need to make judgment calls of your own based on the information you want and that with which you are presented on the internet.

Work hard ,play smart


It is again that time of the year,which every student dreads.Exams start next month for colleges and students have begun to feel the pre-exams jiters.Students are advised to work hard and study 24*7.But it isn't simple.There are many questions,which the students have to face like what to study,when to study and how to study.AND in this competitive age and time,working smart is as important as working hard,if not more.

one should analyse his/her weak and strong points before preparations.The best idea is to start with the most difficult or one's weakest subject .similarly ,when starting a subject ,one should start with the most difficulties chapters during the preparation.But when you have your exam the next day,keep the weakest chapters for the last.

following these theories ,chances are that by working half as hard ,you can get the best marks..ALL THE BEST GUYS..

Web hosting geeks

The complex of webserver consists systems installed with Web server software and connected to the internet.These severs can be found in nay facility with internet connectivity.
The process of maintaining and operating one of these server is called webhosting.Web hosting can be conducted in house by the owner of website,or it can be outsourced to a web presence provider(wpp).
webhosting can be provided on a shared computer environment or on a dedicated computer system.When a website consists of standrrd HTML code and receives a small number of visitors,shared.webhosting service is the best solution.When a web site consistes of complex gateway interface(CGI)
scripts and proprietary programes and receives a large number of visitors,dedicated hosting service is the best solution.
webhosting system is the simplest and most straight forward method of operating a web site,because the computer system contains only the web site,The configuration of software is standardized ,as outlined in the software-installation documentation.furthermore,system resources are dedicated to only one
web site and,therfore,are not constrained by any other process not associated with the operations of that site.You have a web site design and now your problem is making it available to your visitors - the solution is a hosting service to meet your needs.None of this needs to be complicated. While there are an uncountable number of web hosting companies, not all have the solution for If you are planning to launch a new website or blog, a good web hosting.You may regard may include the amount of web space, bandwidth, and your budget.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor grammer

A WEBSITE name recently featured an article entitled,8 reason "WHY IS THE DUMBEST GENERATION".One of the eight reasons was that the present generation is poor at spelling due to their high dependence on technology.Believe it or not,it is undeniably the truth in today's world,where almost everything is automated.

According to me when i posted the first topic in my blog, i was poor in grammar ,though i posted some post with a lots of spelling mistake's .I realized this should not be done in my future when i got rejected in my first round of interview..Now, i got a job doesn't matter about the past.But i cant forgot that the way.If i have done or spooked well at that time i cant share this with A LESSON LEARN AND AM THANKFUL FOR THAT..

My hobbies to clean my inbox

killing time can be amusing .CLEAN your inbox,This could help when you are really running out of good de-stressing options.But it has its own advantage.Deleting old SMSes on your phone or old mails in your email inbox would help you empty thrash.according to me,if i bored ,i just lie on my bed,read old SMSes on my mobile,smile at some good forwards,and delete all the unwanted messag.This is my favourite pastime at work too

Muisc is my passion

What you listen to won't define who you are,but who you are may certainly dictate what you listen to.and most teens will testify While the tendency to type cast is strongest in adolescence ,there's no denying peers will make perceptions based on your choice of music.

Obvious assumptions are funniest,"i can't imagine any self respecting guy listening to straight pop music .If his friends don't shake him out of it,he's moving in the wrong circles.

The connotation the most heavy ,thrash metal listeners carry is a supposed they like the sort of image,never mind if they are not quiet so in everything but appearance..



Perfumes are the girls best friends,Without perfumes they can step put of their place.Men's also in the same process,but whats the difference is that there were many famine perfume are being sole out in the city.Some perfume make them shinny,some may give blossom smell,some may give a rich smell while going for any parties.Perfumes may varies prices.So the best place is there they selling perfumes in online.It becomes more easy for us to get a chance of selecting our own perfumes,no need to go by shop by shop and selecting after selecting it's a hectic to change the perfumes.
Once i went abroad to meet my uncle,there i saw his dressing room were filled by all kinds of perfume ,range from 5 to 100 $.I asked him "why you got this much perfume's,she said"i use to have everyone in every day.So like people's are mad are using perfumes.Even on the city side perfume was the first ever perfume i ever seen.The speciality was,if the person who use that perfume when he stand near the place,after he went also that smell of the perfume will be stay over that place.So it get a very demand on the market.By comparing prices you will find cheap perfume from the top brands and latest designer fragrances from Duty Free Perfume, Perfume Point, the Fragrance Shop, Half Price Perfumes, Discount Perfumes and many other leading online shops.Perfumes will come More category like citrus, oriental, chypre, leather, woody and aquatic.Women's will often Chang the brand according to their issue of the current status.Some perfumes are a lot heavier than others.Personal preferences vary, and what you feel like wearing one day may not suit your mood the next like take a look at it closer and select the best one you want.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

People getting fat after stop doing work out???

A lot of people think that once they stop training muscle turns into fat that's not really the case.
Muscle tissue and fat are totally different.When you stop working out your metabolic rate dips.
if u continue eating like what you did while training hard,The extra calories you consume will be stored as fat.With no training and more fat build up,lean muscle,which further lowers the metabolic rate.This will make appear as if all the lean muscle has turned into fat.However,performing at least three workouts a week should help even the busiest of people(who are not too overweight)maintain
decent shape and good health

Young people gettting Internet addiction

INTERNET,IT has become alomst difficult to get through a day without logging on.Which the new word "DISCOMGOOGOLATION".MEANS an annoyance arising from lack of access to internet.In otherwords, when you grow frustrated,unable to go online,you suffer from "DISCOMGOOGOLATION"..
The new generation is constantly logged in.Even the shy people who usually don't interact with anyone, feel more confident to chat with people in "NET".
IN fact,IIT Bombay has barred internet for few months as students were foregoing social activities and even hesitated to get out of their rooms."Most students turn to the Internet for all emotional neds as they unable to speak to their parents..

About ,ME nowdays spending a lot OF TIME in this INTERNET WORLD..One cannot Blame internet for it as even students are equally responsible..