Monday, December 7, 2009

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Registry is one of the most critical elements of a Windows Operating System. While appropriate changes to registry can boost system performance, fix hardware or software issues on one hand, an inappropriate change could lead to system crash and unpredictable behavior of Operating System. RegEdit.exe is Window’s system tool to manually make changes to Windows Registry. There is a beautiful article about Windows Registry Tools viz. REGEDIT.EXE & REGEDT32.EXE in the context of Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. The article touches upon following areas of Windows Registry and Registry editing…

· Editing Local or Remote System’s Windows Registry

· Setting permissions in Windows Registry elements

· Data Types in windows registry.

· Enabling/Disabling Registry Editor's last open key functionality

· Backing-up and restoring registry using Export and Import of Registry Keys and Values.

· Describes structure of an Exported Registry file.

· Lastly, it describes printing registry

While working with any registry editing tool it is necessary that you first backup the registry as all changes are saved to current configuration in real time. There is another tool viz. REG which could be used in batch files or command line to perform add, delete, query, export or import registry.There are many kinds of blog advertising on the web. One of the best blog advertising that I am interested is writing a review. It is the easiest way to earn money by simply give your opinion about the website or products then if it is approve the companies will pay you immediately. Then, most bloggers likes also the contextual advertising. It is very simple and easy to do especially for the beginners like me we just place the ads link on our blog page. We called it pay per click and you can earn money because of that. The other way is what we called text link ads that are based on the textual content of the blog in people's comments and the blog itself. Then the other one is the direct ads that most bloggers are interested. The next one is the affiliate advertising that if someone clicks on the ads and interested about the website you can earn money from them. The last one is the impression ads.

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