Saturday, October 30, 2010

Communication Relationship

There are several ways to develop effective oral communication in the workplace. Generally, these different ways of improving oral communication involves understanding different communication relationships. And before you can learn to communicate effectively, you must be able to learn and understand the different relationships that exist in communication.
One way to do this is to review the basic process of communication. We all know from school that the communication process involves the exchange of ideas between the sender and receiver through a certain medium. From this simple process, you will already be able to better understand the different relationships that can arise in communicating. An effective relationship must be established between the sender and the receiver for communication to be effective – and this is just one part of the equation.
There is still the relationship between the idea that the sender is trying to articulate and the sender. There is also a relationship that exists between the idea that is being transmitted and the receiver. And depending on the kind of relationship that all these factors have, the most effective method or medium of communicating can be determined.

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