Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hosting a dinner for friends or going over to a friend's place for a party is hardly a formal occasion.It is comfortable company and the atmosphere is more relaxed yet,some rules of etiquette apply .As a host/hostess one needs to follow certain guidelines which will help in maintaining and strengthening the bond of friendship.
  1. Discuss with your friends the date and time of the party keeping in mind their availability and convenience.
  2. Extend your invitations ,naming all the people you wish to invite.Even if you take their presence for granted .you must invite them personally.
  3. If friends offer to help,you may delegate responsibilities.
  4. During the party introduce them to the newer guests.
  5. Never act too familiar or criticise them in the company of newer guests.
  6. Do not speak about their personal issues or problems at the party.
  7. do Thank them and see them off with courtesy.

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