Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The problem behind divorce

Boys and gals have enjoy in their teen age.They wont worry about their future.when they are
young ,successful having fun a marriage feel can wait .They busy climbing the ladders on their
achievement.They hardly think about their them self.most young professional like put off the thought of "SETTLING DOWN"who have hit their 30s don't seems to be hurry on their marriage life and this not a healthy trend.

more than 70% percent of the divorce case are ending like late marriage.The reason is simple the older are you.the more difficult it gets for you to adjust.people may think that they were happy to be a bachelor They don't want to committed relationship as it brings lo of extra baggage

youngsters today know what they want.With their high confidence levels and financial independence they are in no mood of compromise on nay front.once they cross a certain age ,they enter marriage with a preconceived mindset,making things all difficult.

couples today who opt for a divorce know they have options else where ,which is why effort to save the marriage is also missing The right age to get hitched is 25-26 to ensure more compatibility

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