Sunday, March 22, 2009

A good heart

An analysis of 50 studies that include almost 2,000 volunteers found that anger -management programs can help people control their outburst .A positive behaviour in day-to-day life helps in keeping your heart healthy.Other studies have demonstrated that improvements like these translate into lower blood pressure and better blood flow to the heart during exercise and stress.

Experts believe that reducing the level of stress might help in prevention of heart attacks.When you are angry or tense the stress hormones raises the heart beat,which in turn increases the oxygen demand and if a person gets an attack ,it might harm the heart..


PHYSICAL EXERCISE:Aerobic exercise decreases stress and control depressionBEHAVIOURAL CHANGES:change your behaviour and modify yourself.Set realistic goals and do not panic if things are not done.HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: live a more healthy and disciplined life.don't rely on drugs,alcohol and nicotine for solving your problems.Wake up early and sleep on time.Spend time doing things ,which make you happy.BE HAPPY TO KEEP YOUR HEART HEALTHY

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