Friday, June 5, 2009

Flim making

if you are one of the many young people wanting to make it big in there film industry,you would already know the Carree paths on offer,acting,direction cinematography,editing marketing etc all.However Thar's so much information floating around from various sources that may you find it confusing and difficult to make sense of it all.Which film institute is the best for you to join or are institutes even worth joining?so here's a snap shot of what it will take you to pursue the career of your dreams and what steps you need to take to get there .The Asian academy of filming and television and Asian school of media studies boasts of having their students working in yash raj films.Balaji telefilms and sub ash ghai's mukta arts among other popular names.meritorious students interested in working for the government are usually snapped up from theses institutes by doordarshan lok shaba TV career option also exist in the equally creative field of advertising which professionals do between the shooting of the movies or fulltime if they get the opportunity.
A word of caution.before you step involve into tensely town,fil making involves a lot of hard work.All the glamour that you see screen is really a smokescreen.There are lakes of students trying to get into much loved art of film making,but everyone doesn't get through.But who says you shouldn't try...

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