Friday, June 5, 2009

I was a model in college

I was a student in Crescent engineering college,i studied B.E,i wanted to be good in studies as well as sports,but he he i can't .We were a small group of friend's all were in middle class,some may be rich ,we were striving hard to make it in life,in fact i wanted to become a model when i was still in college.
And everyday i go outside and pass throw college,it brings back some of the most beautiful memories of my life.I was a drummer and a musician in my college.But ragging others were the funniest of all experiences during the college days.I still remember running through the college corridors screaming and yelling our lungs out just to create panic.We would often ask the most shy fresher to walk up to the hottest senior girl propose his undying love in the corniest fashion.We had more boys and girls in college and some of them were budding political activities.but i always stayed from that group and enjoyed with my friends.Though there were a few nice looking girls but unfortunately my life didn't become a bollywood love story.Hence the repressed flirt in me took time to come out of the closet...

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