Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun excuses to bunk classes

Adorning lecture,a newly released flick,live cricket on TV or simply a planned out with our girl friend,these are simple thing what we do for bunking classes,this week we string together a list of the most common and wacky excuses that teenagers have for bunking lecture about the youngsters and their unsafe habits.

1-Stuck in a Jam.one of the most common,but believable excuse,especially in metros where traffic jam are common place these days.but the ones who live a couple of block away from the college are better of avoiding this one.

2-A punctured tyre-A very handy excuse considering couple happen to any random person,but better keep another excuse ready,since that law average says that you'll definitely have a flat tyre the very next day

3-food poison-To pull this one off you'll need to mess-up your hair and look unwell,but it has it own rewards,since you can run out of the class at any time.

4-Fell asleep on the bus/train and reached elsewhere-simply say that you were up all night completing a project or tending to your sick dog and you fell asleep on the bus to college ,if you've used that "flat tyre"excuse a day prior to this

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