Monday, April 13, 2009

Healthy diet

Heart related diseases is one of the biggest health concerns of our times.Experts warn that in the coming decade more people in the country will die from coronary artery disease (CAD).as compared to any other diseases .it saddens that know with the exceptions of genetics,two of the major part in lifestyle and diet that precipitate CAD are well within our control,these includes smoking and alcohol,stress,work out and food.
most of us are born with clean,open and supple arteries ,which get blocked with plaque as an outcome of a fault lifestyle and diet followed over the years.This is an invitation for CAD.if you could look into the arteries of a person suffering from CAD,you would see raised bumps called a plaque.
These plaques are composed of cholesterol ,fat and clumps of cells growing from muscle layer of the arteries.Start exercising regular brisk walking for 30-40 mins daily helps to keep blood sugar,triglycerdies and cholesterol under control

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