Monday, April 13, 2009

Kids need to take care

Is your child turning aggressive ,Take care as such a temperament can hamper his mental health and overall development.If you are getting frequent complaints from your child's class teacher on his hostile behaviour,Then it's cause to be alarmed because aggressiveness can harm the overall development of a child.According to experts,There has been 20 per cent rise in the case of pre-teen violence in the past five years.And it is likely to rise in coming years,if not curbed in the initial stages.Psychologists believe that one of the prime reasons for the rise in aggressiveness among among children is to seek attention .By acting cruel towards someone or something,a child wants to divert attention towards,a child wants to divert attention towards himself.There are many reason WHO a child turns violent and act rowdy.Children are these days are not utilising their psychical energies and are spending most of their times sitting at home.They are also addicted to violent video games and TV hows..The high carbohydrate and fat content in junk food causes chemical imbalance in the body and leads to raging hormones..They should make it mandatory to avoid using abusive language and impasse a strict no-no to physical violence at home.Fix a routine for children,where they should essentially spend time outside home doing some physical activity.if the child is still not showing any signs or improvement,get them professional help.

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