Thursday, April 2, 2009

IT sector problems

The it sector is now passing through the bleak season,due to the financial crisis.Several people have lost their jobs and even those who have managed to keep them suffering from the effects of the cost cutting space.

With clients cutting heavily on expenditure and with new projects being scrapped,fancy frills companies are being stripped to a bare minimum to cope with the recession.Even top notch companies such as infosys,microsoft ,satyam and tcs are on a belt tightening model.

for DELLOITE they have the problem ,The cabs for 9pm and 10 pm slots have been they waited for 11 pm to shift to get over.for satyam ,they have reduced business tours to cut down on expenditure.Now most meetings are undertaken over the phone or vis video conferencing .

infosy too has found innovative ways to cut cost,They management had removed even dryers from washroom.They also switching off the air conditioner.for TCS They have replaced coffee from a vending machine .no more recruitments or lavish spending on anything microsoft.companies in the city have found many ways of belt tightening to cope with the recession.

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