Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jam Just a minute rocks in youngsters

many youngsters are now looking forward to renew the much-loved game through workshops.Talking for a whole long minute,non stop without a pause,sans English grammatical mistakes,devoid of reputation,deviation and spicing the whole process with wit and humour makes JAM(just a minute)a true phenomenon.What started as a long-standing BBC radio 4 radio comedy panel game had made its presence felt all over the world.JAM now is an integral part of every other college and school cultural fest.planning to take the game forward is the jam association and their face book community .they plan to revamp the whole game in all its splendour and glory.
many aren't happy with the jam hosted at cultural events these days.The most entertaining part of JAM is of course is its entertaining humour competitive spirit and the thought of process.The jam associations hold their session st the beach.moderators at these informal and light sessions are ready to give a long rope to the participants,humour being the only obligatory criterion that has to be adhered too.jam was the most talked about the event in every college cultural.but the audience to the events are thinning.we plan to renew the game with workshops and other activities.

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