Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Online video sharing websites like youtube etc are very much popular and get millions of hits daily. So if you are not promoting your products or services through video marketing then you are missing a big part of online audience. However with tons of videos posted daily byu individuals and marketing companies not every video posted at video sharing websites becomes popular and gives you the exposure you may get.In addition to managing SEO campaigns for clients, RankPay also offers other bonuses that can give business owners a clear view rankpay of where they stand in relation to their competition. Customers even get access to a real-time “Service Dashboard” that provides data, including graphs and charts, that features information like current rankings in the top search engines, new SEO opportunities, support tickets, access to free tools and more. To date, RankPay has achieved impressive rankings for more than 90 percent of the active keywords in the company’s system.RankPay is a company with a mission “to make search engine optimization a turnkey, results-driven service that is effective, risk-free and affordable to all businesses…big and small”.

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